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These are actually Anime characters that appeared to me in a Dream....
      Teenage Girl Superheroes

Besides wondering, "WHERE is the picture of Lum in a tiger-striped bikini...or Sailor Moon??", you are probably ALSO wondering why that goof is standing on the fire hydrant. It's not the sort of thing hippies normally do. Nor do hippies dress like that. So of course, there must be an explanation.

The year is 1971. And there were no teenage girl superheroes back in those brave and terrible days.... no Lum in a tiger-striped bikini to rescue me from my richly deserved obscurity. No Sailor Moon or St. Tail, no Magic Knights or Belldandy, no Wedding Peach, and no Miracle Girls. At least there were none in MY sorry world. Somewhere in my heart, I'm sure, their spirits resided, but buried so deeply, it took so many brave and terrible years to bring those spirits to life. It took wondrous strangers in Japan to capture their light and make it shine. It's odd how the magic of the world works.

Over there in the upper right, the Clamp Campus Detectives and The Magic Users Club have found clues to where some of my webpages are located. At least that is what I fancy those poofters to be doing in that frighteningly quaint photo from my High School Yearbook (me, 2nd from right). I wonder what would have happened if I'd known back then, what was truly in my heart. Spirits buried so deep that all my rich poetic sadness in those days only shrouded those spirits even more. It was a sad time, but now I see it with a different vision....through eyes and the spirits of mahou shoujo....Magical Girls. If I'd only have known back then, that someday we would ALL be on The Wired.... *sigh*

Skate Punk Manga

THAT's what 1971 needed. Skate Punk Manga!! How cool would THAT have been!! Hell of cool is what it would have been to use a quaint and outdated San Franscisco slang term. "Groovy, Man! I DIG Sausalito!!" Onward....!

Perhaps it was merely my own stubbornness that kept me from this vision and these wondrous spirits. And I'm willing to admit that quite likely there is an inherent contradiction underlying all of this. In any case, it had been far too painful for me to talk about for a very long time and I'm only now coming to grips with those terrible days. Suffice it to say that if Lum or Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury or Sailor Jupiter or St. Tail or Hime-chan or Miaka or Belldandy or Sakura or The Magic Knights had been around, that I would not have been wearing that terrible grey flannel double-breasted sportcoat or that terrible smirk. And a few short and terrible years after that, I would naught have been found standing on a fire hydrant had there been this magical world I present to you now.

WHY Blog Me, Jake!!

Before I get into that I should point out that my imaginary Skate Punk Manga band should really be called SAINT Something 4, but I really dont care since Sacred Something 4 sounds SO much more hell of cool to use a quaint....okay okay...we've covered that hallowed ground. My Wedding Peach page will have more on that.

But as for Blog....it seems to be all the rage these days. And I disdain, on general principal, whatever is all the rage, in much the same way that Ayanami Rei disdains meat. But inspite of that, I've created an actual Blog page, and any explanation about why this page is called Blog Me, Jake!! will be found there. Meanwhilst, if you hear the thrilling and dulcet tones of Jefferey Frederick and The Clamtones and Michael Hurley and The Unholy Modal Rounders singing "What Made My Hamburger Disappear" at 3:14 A.M., don't worry....it is only my imagination, ringing in your ears.

      The Executive Table

In early 1970, The Magic Users Club and Clamp Campus Detectives met to discuss my future webpages.

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Appleton High School East Cheerleaders....Class of 70 & 71

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